Seeb are a Norwegian production duo made up of Simen Eriksrud and Espen Berg. The name of the duo is made up of the first letters of both artist's given names and surnames.

Before adopting the name Seeb, Eriksrud and Berg worked together as producers and songwriters for several Norwegian acts including Bertine Zetlitz, D'Sound and Donkeyboy, mostly under the name Simen & Espen. They also produced and co-wrote a track on Kiesza's breakthrough album Sound of a Woman. The duo's major international success was for their remix of the Mike Posner song "I Took a Pill in Ibiza".

The Seeb remix topped the charts in the Netherlands, Norway, the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom, and peaked within the top ten of the charts in Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, and Posner's native United States. They released their debut single "Breathe" which features singer Neev.

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