Claudio Coccoluto is the most valued and famous Italian DJ, surely the most loved of the Italian “clubbers”. The only Italian in the worldwide list of the best known DJs, even by those who don’t usually attend clubs. Founder of the Independent Label “The Dub”, since ’90 he’s also a producer. Creator of the ’97 summer hit “Belo Horizonti” that sold worldwide more than 1 million of copies. He created the soundtrack of some great events, collaborating with names such Moschino and Prada in the fashion industry and taking part of the MTV Music Awards for three editions. Claudio, thanks to his great musical knowledge, plays with music; he fearlessly use revival, hypermodern, Caribbean and Nordic style; blends everything what his ears feel around the world, such a musical trip characterized by sounds that face any prejudice. Only one word can describe what Claudio Coccoluto does: Passion.

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